General Information

Mabby Howard
Phone: 626-395-8462
Fax: (626) 395-1347

Mailing Address

California Institute of Technology
1200 East California Boulevard
Mail Code MC 136-93
Pasadena, CA 91125


For general inquiries about EE, please call (626) 395-8462. For more specific requests, contact one of the following persons accordingly:

Executive Officer

Azita Emami

Department Administrator

Mabby Howard

Option Representative (Graduate)

Victoria Kostina

Option Representative (Undergraduate)

Glen George

Academic Option Manager

Tanya Owen

Faculty Administrative Assistants

Faculty contact Phone Email
Executive Officer Michelle Chen 626-395-2239
Prof. Abu-Mostafa Lucinda Acosta 626-395-4843
Prof. Bouman Monica Nolasco 626-395-4140
Prof. Bruck Michelle Chen 626-395-2239
Prof. Chandrasekaran Jolene Brink 626-395-2813
Prof. Doyle Monica Nolasco 626-395-4140
Prof. Effros Liliana Chavarria 626-395-4715
Prof. Emami Michelle Chen 626-395-2239
Prof. Faraon Cecilia A. Gamboa 626-395-4400
Prof. George - - -
Prof. Hajimiri Michelle Chen 626-395-2239
Prof. Hassibi Liliana Chavarria 626-395-4715
Prof. Kostina Liliana Chavarria 626-395-4715
Prof. Low Christine Ortega 626-395-2076
Prof. Marandi Liliana Chavarria 626-395-4715
Prof. Mirhosseini Anne Sullivan 626-395-4506
Prof. Perona Caroline Murphy 626-395-2084
Prof. Scherer Kathryn Finigan 626-395-4585
Prof. Tai Christine Garske 626-395-4820
Prof. Vaidyanathan Caroline Murphy 626-395-2084
Prof. Wang Catherine Pichotta 626-395-1970
Prof. Yang Anne Sullivan 626-395-4506
Prof. Yariv Connie Rodriguez 626-395-4854