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Name Title Option Advisor
Guo, Nian Causal Sampling, Compressing, and Channel Coding of Streaming Data EE Kostina
Ballew, Conner Kiley Multifunctional Volumetric Metaoptics EE Faraon
Chen, Kuan-Chang Energy-Efficient Receiver Design for High-Speed Interconnects EE Emami
Chou, Tzu-Chieh Wearable Inductive Damping Sensors for Skin Edema Quantification EE Tai
Cua, Eunice Michelle Chua Exploiting Speckle to Image Deeper in Scattering Media EE Yang
Fikes, Austin Covey Future Microwave Arrays Take Shape EE Hajimiri
Kim, Yonghwi Light Modulation with Vanadium Dioxide-Based Optical Devices EE Atwater
Porsandeh Khial, Parham High Sensitivity Time-Varying Systems In Photonics and Electronics EE Hajimiri
Rochman, Jake Herschel Lebi Microwave-to-Optical Transduction Using Rare-Earth Ions EE Faraon
Ryou, Serim Representation of the Semantic Structures: from Discovery to Applications EE Perona
Sima, Jin Correcting Errors in DNA Storage EE Bruck
Williams, David Elliott Shape-Changing Phased Arrays EE Hajimiri
Zhou, Fengyu Optimization of Distribution Power Networks: from Single-Phase to Multi-Phase EE Low
Faraji Dana, Mohammad Sadegh From Metasurfaces to Compact Optical Metasystems EE Faraon
Fatemi, Seyed Mohammadreza Active Flat Optics Wavefront Manipulation for Imaging, Ranging, and Sensing EE Hajimiri
Gal-Katziri, Matan Precision at Scale: System Design from Tiny Biosensors to Giant Arrays EE Hajimiri
Khachaturian, Aroutin Large-Scale Photonics Integration: Data Communications to Optical Beamforming EE Hajimiri
Kishore Kumar, Deepan Novel Light-Matter Interaction in Quasi-One-Dimensional Graphene Nanomaterials for Photonics EE Yeh
Kwon, Hyounghan Dielectric Metasurfaces for Integrated Imaging Devices and Active Optical Elements EE Faraon
Lee, Zachary Jordan The Adaptive Charging Network Research Portal: Systems, Tools, and Algorithms EE Low
Salehi, Fariborz Structured Signal Recovery from Nonlinear Measurements with Applications in Phase Retrieval and Linear Classification EE Hassibi
Teke, Oguzhan Signals on Networks: Random Asynchronous and Multirate Processing, and Uncertainty Principles EE Vaidyanathan
Xu, Jian Optical Light Manipulation and Imaging Through Scattering Media EE Yang
Yildiz, Hikmet Linear Codes with Constrained Generator Matrices EE Hassibi
Abbasi, Ehsan Universality Laws and Performance Analysis of the Generalized Linear Models EE Hassibi
Candogan, Utkan Onur Convex Relaxations for Graph and Inverse Eigenvalue Problems EE Chandrasekaran
Cho, Hyunjun Real-Time Biosensing and Energy Harvesting on Human Body EE Choo, Gharib
Douik, Ahmed Riemannian Optimization for Convex and Non-Convex Signal Processing and Machine Learning Applications EE Hassibi
Lim, Yu Xian L-Band Multi-Polarization Radar Scatterometry over Global Forests: Modelling, Analysis, and Applications EE van Zyl
Ren, Hengjiang Cavity Optomechanics for Hybrid Quantum Systems EE Painter
Taeb, Armeen Latent-Variable Modeling: Algorithms, Inference, and Applications EE Chandrasekaran
Arbabi, Ehsan Metasurfaces: Beyond Diffractive and Refractive Optics EE Faraon
Brake, Joshua Harris Seeing Through the Fog: Using Scattered Light to Peer Deeper into Biological Tissue EE Yang
Chung, Jaebum Computational Imaging: a Quest for the Perfect Image EE Yang
Hong, Brian Daffern Periodically Disturbed Oscillators EE Hajimiri
Jain, Siddharth Decoding the Past EE Bruck
Kamali, Seyedeh Mahsa Dielectric Metasurfaces from Fundamentals to Applications EE Faraon
Kou, Junlong Tailoring Thermal Radiation from Near Field to Far Field EE Minnich
Li, Lei Multi-Contrast Photoacoustic Computed Tomography EE Wang
Scianmarello, Nicholas E. Oxygen Transporter and Generator Devices to Treat Diabetic Retinopathy EE Tai
Shapero, Aubrey Michael Long Term Implantable Pressure Sensors EE Tai
Tang, Yujie Time-Varying Optimization and Its Application to Power System Operation EE Low
Abiri, Behrooz Silicon Integrated Arrays: From Microwave to IR EE Hajimiri
Harfouche, Mark The Coherence Collapse Regime of High-Coherence Si/III-V Lasers and the Use of Swept Frequency Semiconductor Lasers for Full Field 3D Imaging EE Yariv
Horie, Yu Controlling the Flow of Light Using High-Contrast Metastructures EE Faraon
Jones, William Maxwell Nanoscale Field Emission Devices EE Scherer
Korlakai Vinayak, Ramya Graph Clustering: Algorithms, Analysis and Query Design EE Hassibi
Liu, Chun-Lin Sparse Array Signal Processing: New Array Geometries, Parameter Estimation, and Theoretical Analysis EE Vaidyanathan
Monroe, Ryan McKay Gigahertz Bandwidth and Nanosecond Timescales: New Frontiers in Radio Astronomy Through Peak Performance Signal Processing EE Hallinan
Tenneti, Srikanth Venkata The Nested Periodic Subspaces: Extensions of Ramanujan Sums for Period Estimation EE Vaidyanathan
Yang, Kiyoul Integrated Ultra-High-Q Nonlinear Photonic Platform for On-Chip Optoelectronic Systems EE Vahala
Appel, Ron Boosting Boosting EE Perona
Halbawi, Wael Error-Correcting Codes for Networks, Storage and Computation EE Hassibi
Hall, David Christopher Advancing a Machine's Visual Awareness of People EE Perona
Huang, Wentao Coding for Security and Reliability in Distributed Systems EE Bruck
Kim, Jinho Compact Microscope System for Biomedical Applications EE Yang
Kim, Seyoon Electronically Tunable Light Modulation with Graphene and Noble Metal Plasmonics EE Atwater
Monge Osorio, Manuel Alejandro Localization and Stimulation Techniques for Implantable Medical Electronics EE Emami, Shapiro
Noorzad, Parham Network Effects in Small Networks: A Study of Cooperation EE Effros
Safaripour Tabbalvandani, Amirreza Proximal-Field Radiation Sensors for Dynamically Controllable and Self-Correcting Integrated Radiators EE Hajimiri
Sideris, Constantine Electromagnetic Field Manipulation: Biosensing to Antennas EE Hajimiri
Wong, Ming Fai A Study of Communication Networks through the Lens of Reduction EE Effros
Zhang, Shell Xiaoxiao Electrical Impedance Based Spectroscopy and Tomography Techniques for Obesity and Heart Diseases EE Tai
Zhou, Edward Haojiang Optical Focusing and Imaging through Scattering Media EE Yang
Cai, Wuhan Desmond Electricity Markets for the Smart Grid: Networks, Timescales, and Integration with Control EE Low, Wierman, Chandy, Ledyard
Farivar, Masoud Optimization and Control of Power Flow in Distribution Networks EE Hassibi, Low
Horstmeyer, Roarke William Computational Microscopy: Turning Megapixels into Gigapixels EE Yang
Jaganathan, Kishore Convex Programming-Based Phase Retrieval: Theory and Applications EE Hassibi
Jang, Mooseok Optical Phase Conjugation and Its Applications in Biology EE Yang
Liu, Yang Novel Parylene Filters for Biomedical Applications EE Tai
Liu, Zhao Electromyographic Signal Processing With Application To Spinal Cord Injury EE Burdick
Ou, Xiaoze Computational Microscopy: Breaking the Limit of Conventional Optics EE Yang
Peng, Qiuyu Distributed Control and Optimization for Communication and Power Systems EE Low
Saeedi, Saman Holistic Design In High-Speed Optical Interconnects EE Emami
Thill, Matthew David Algebraic Techniques in Coding Theory: Entropy Vectors, Frames, and Constrained Coding EE Hassibi
Thrampoulidis, Christos Recovering Structured Signals in High Dimensions via Non-Smooth Convex Optimization: Precise Performance Analysis EE Hassibi
Zhao, Changhong Real-Time Load-Side Control of Electric Power Systems EE Low
Zhao, Sinan Advanced Monte Carlo Simulation and Machine Learning for Frequency Domain Optical Coherence Tomography EE Yariv
Asimakopoulos, Aristotelis Macroscopically Dissipative Systems with Underlying Microscopic Dynamics : Properties and Limits of Measurement EE Doyle
Chang, Chieh-Feng Wafer-Scalable Fabrication of Metal Nanostructures for Plasmonics-Assisted Biomedical Sensing Applications EE Scherer
Dasgupta, Kaushik Self-Healing Techniques for RF and mm-Wave Transmitters and Receivers EE Hajimiri
Duan, Ran Instrumentation for Kinetic-Inductance-Detector-Based Submillimeter Radio Astronomy EE Golwala
En Gad, Eyal Rewriting Schemes for Flash Memory EE Bruck
Gan, Lingwen Distributed Load Control in Multiphase Radial Networks EE Low
González Palacios, Carlos Roberto Optimal Data Distributions in Machine Learning EE Abu-Mostafa, Perona
Han, Chao Wide Field-of-View Microscopes and Endoscopes for Time-Lapse Imaging and High-Throughput Screening EE Yang
Homyk, Andrew P. Scalable Methods for Deterministic Integration of Quantum Emitters in Photonic Crystal Cavities EE Scherer
Kang, Dongyang MEMS for Diabetic Retinopathy EE Tai
Mao, Wei Information-Theoretic Studies and Capacity Bounds: Group Network Codes and Energy Harvesting Communication Systems EE Hassibi
Nandra, Mandheerej Singh Microelectrode Implants for Spinal Cord Stimulation in Rats EE Tai
Oymak, Samet Convex Relaxation for Low-Dimensional Representation: Phase Transitions and Limitations EE Hassibi
Pai, Alex Hao-Yu Sensing and Actuation from Biology to Electronics EE Hajimiri
Raj, Mayank Injection Locked Clocking and Transmitter Equalization Techniques for Chip to Chip Interconnects EE Emami
Bose, Subhonmesh An Integrated Design Approach to Power Systems: From Power Flows to Electricity Markets EE Low, Wierman, Chandy, Hassibi
Bowers, Steven Michael Dynamically Controllable Integrated Radiation and Self-Correcting Power Generation in mm-Wave Circuits and Systems EE Hajimiri
Chang, Jan Han-Chieh Wireless Parylene-Based Retinal Implant EE Tai
Han, Shuo Optimal Uncertainty Quantification via Convex Optimization and Relaxation EE Murray
Lee, Seung Ah Bright-Field and Fluorescence Chip-Scale Microscopy for Biological Imaging EE Yang
Malik, Imran Raouf Point of Care Molecular Diagnostics for Humanity EE Scherer
Mujeeb-U-Rahman, Muhammad Integrated Microsystems for Wireless Sensing Applications EE Scherer
Rajagopal, Aditya Microfabricated Tools and Engineering Methods for Sensing Bioanalytes EE Scherer
Satsanarukkit, Penvipha Development of Integrated Parylene Fluidic Devices for Use as a Microbial Monitoring System in Wastewater Treatment EE Hoffmann
Steger, Scott Tiedeman A Fundamental Approach to Phase Noise Reduction in Hybrid Si/III-V Lasers EE Yariv
Zhao, Yu Flexible Microimplants for In Vivo Sensing EE Tai
Akgiray, Ahmed Halid New Technologies Driving Decade-Bandwidth Radio Astronomy: Quad-ridged Flared Horn and Compound-Semiconductor LNAs EE Weinreb
Dikaliotis, Theodoros K. On Delay and Security in Network Coding EE Ho
Honarvar Nazari, Meisam Electrical and Optical Interconnects for High-Performance Computing EE Emami
Kim, Justin Young-Hyun Parylene-C as a New Piezoelectric Material EE Tai
Leong, Derek On Erasure Coding for Distributed Storage and Streaming Communications EE Ho
Liu, Chih-Hao Transceiver Designs and Analysis for LTI, LTV and Broadcast Channels - New Matrix Decompositions and Majorization Theory EE Vaidyanathan
Loh Rui Yan, Matthew Dense, Efficient Chip-to-Chip Communication at the Extremes of Computing EE Emami
Pal, Piya New Directions In Sparse Sampling and Estimation For Underdetermined Systems EE Vaidyanathan
Pang, Shuo Fluorescence Optofluidic Microscopy and Fluorescence Microscopy Based on the Talbot Effect EE Yang
Ren, Jian Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography: Design and Application EE Yang
Russell, Damon Stuart Technology Advances for Radio Astronomy EE Weinreb
Santis, Christos Theodoros High-Coherence Hybrid Si/III-V Semiconductor Lasers EE Yariv
Sendowski, Jacob Benjamin On-Chip Integrated Label-Free Optical Biosensing EE Yariv
Shi, Wendian (Leo) Blood Cell Count On-a-Chip EE Tai
Wang, Zhiying Coding for Information Storage EE Bruck
Zheng, Guoan Innovations in Imaging System Design: Gigapixel, Chip-Scale and MultiFunctional Microscopy EE Yang
Zhou, Hongchao Randomness and Noise in Information Systems EE Bruck
Bakshi, Mayank Network Coding and Distributed Compression over Large Networks: Some Basic Principles EE Effros
Bodine-Baron, Elizabeth Anne Peer Effects in Social Networks: Search, Matching Markets, and Epidemics EE Hassibi, Wierman
Bohn, Florian Integrated Circuit Signal Generation and Detection Techniques for Microwave and Sub-Millimeter Wave Signals EE Hajimiri
Chang, Christopher SungWook Applications of Coding in Network Communications EE Ho, Effros
DeBoer, Charles Meno Theodore Biomimetic Accommodating Intraocular Lens EE Tai
Harel, Jonathan Neural Pattern Similarity and Visual Perception EE Koch, Adolphs
Huang, Jingqing Wavelength-scale Confinement of Light and Its Applications in On-Chip Photonic Devices EE Scherer
Huang, Ruo-Gu High-Performance Silicon Nanowire Electronics EE Heath
Khajehnejad, M. Amin Combinatorial Regression and Improved Basis Pursuit for Sparse Estimation EE Hassibi
Lin, Jeffrey Chun-Hui MEMS for Glaucoma EE Tai
Liu, Hsi-Chun Theory and Experiment of Slow-Light Coupled-Resonator Structures EE Yariv
Lu, Bo Parylene as a New Membrane Material for Biomems Applications EE Tai
Nair, Jayakrishnan U. Scheduling for Heavy-Tailed and Light-Tailed Workloads in Queueing Systems EE Low, Wierman
Noroozian, Omid Superconducting Microwave Resonator Arrays for Submillimeter/Far-infrared Imaging EE Zmuidzinas
Sengupta, Kaushik Silicon-Based Terahertz Circuits and Systems EE Hajimiri
Sukhavasi, Ravi Teja Distributed Control and Computing: Optimal Estimation, Error Correcting Codes, and Interactive Protocols EE Hassibi
Yoo, Juhwan Compressed Sensing Receivers: Theory, Design, and Performance Limits EE Emami
Aly, Mohamed Alaa El-Dien Mahmoud Hussein Searching Large-Scale Image Collections EE Perona
Andreetto, Marco Unsupervised Learning of Categorical Segments in Image Collections EE Perona
Choi, Jae-Woo Surface Optofluidic Implementations towards the Development of a Biosensor EE Psaltis
Giacchino, Luca MEMS Electrolytic Inchworms for Movable Neural Probe Applications EE Tai
Hsieh, Chia-Lung Imaging with Second-Harmonic Generation Nanoparticles EE Psaltis
Huang, Ray Kui-Jui Flexible Neural Implants EE Tai
Keehr, Edward Arthur Techniques for Mixed-Signal Linearization and Large Signal Handling in Radio-Frequency Receiver Circuits EE Hajimiri
Satyan, Naresh Optoelectronic Control of the Phase and Frequency of Semiconductor Lasers EE Yariv
Shadbakht, Sormeh Entropy Region and Network Information Theory EE Hassibi
Vakili, Ali Random Matrix Recursions in Estimation, Control, and Adaptive Filtering EE Hassibi
Weng, Ching-Chih The Roles of Majorization and Generalized Triangular Decomposition in Communication and Signal Processing EE Vaidyanathan
Cui, Tao Coding for Wireless Broadcast and Network Secrecy EE Ho
Cui, Xiquan Optofluidic Microscopy and Wavefront Microscopy: Innovations in Biological Imaging EE Yang
Jones, Glenn Evans Instrumentation for Wide Bandwidth Radio Astronomy EE Weinreb
Kelzenberg, Michael David Silicon Microwire Photovoltaics EE Atwater
Khankhoje, Uday Kiran Photon Confinement in Photonic Crystal Cavities EE Scherer
Kim, Sukwon Network Coding for Resource Optimization and Error Correction EE Effros, Ho
Ko, Chih-Kai On Matrix Factorization and Scheduling for Finite-Time Average-Consensus EE Schulman
Walker, Christopher Fabrication of Microfluidic Structures by Automated Laser Ablation and Automation of Optical Testing EE Scherer
Xu, Weiyu Compressive Sensing for Sparse Approximations: Constructions, Algorithms, and Analysis EE Hassibi
Adleman, James Richard Plasmonic Nanoparticles for Optofluidic Applications EE Psaltis
Arii, Motofumi Retrieval of Soil Moisture under Vegetation Using Polarimetric Radar EE Rutledge, van Zyl, Kim
Bardin, Joseph Cheney Silicon-Germanium Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for Extremely Low-Noise Applications EE Weinreb
Chen, Po-Jui Implantable Wireless Intraocular Pressure Sensors EE Tai
Chen, Scott Chun-Yang Signal Processing Algorithms for MIMO Radar EE Vaidyanathan
Gu, WeiHsin On Achievable Rate Regions for Source Coding Over Networks EE Effros
Li, Wen Integrated Retinal Implants EE Tai
Lo, Hsi-Wen Thin Film Silicon for Implantable Electronics EE Tai
Ostby, Eric Paul Photonic Whispering-Gallery Resonators in New Environments EE Vahala
Wang, Guangxi Compact Nonlinear Optical Devices in Silicon-Polymer Hybrid Material System EE Scherer
Wang, Hua Precision Frequency and Phase Synthesis Techniques in Integrated Circuits for Biosensing, Communication and Radar EE Hajimiri
Wang, Yu-Jiu Circuits and Systems for Wireless Concurrent Communication EE Hajimiri
Wu, Jigang Coherence Domain Optical Imaging Techniques EE Yang
Babakhani, Aydin Direct Antenna Modulation (DAM) for On-Chip mm-Wave Transceivers EE Hajimiri, Rutledge
Bruguier, Antoine Jean Encoding of Financial Signals in the Human Brain EE Bossaerts, Quartz
Cassuto, Yuval Coding Techniques for Data-Storage Systems EE Bruck
Emery, Teresa Holly Fabrication of Nanowire-based Magnetic Structures for Magnetic Resonance Applications EE Scherer
Heng, Xin Optofluidic Microscopy: Technology Development and Its Applications in Biology EE Yang
Leprince, Sebastien Monitoring Earth Surface Dynamics with Optical Imagery EE Avouac
Li, Zhenyu Optofluidic Dye Lasers EE Psaltis
Moreels, Pierre Probabilistic, Features-Based Object Recognition EE Perona
Pang, Changlin Parylene Technology for Neural Probes Applications EE Tai
Shih, Jason J. Microfabricated High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) System with Closed-Loop Flow Control EE Tai
Soedarmadji, Edwin Generalized Network Routing Metrics and Algorithms EE McEliece
Stojnic, Mihailo Optimization Algorithms in Wireless and Quantum Communications EE Hassibi
Su, Borching Blind Channel Estimation Using Redundant Precoding: New Algorithms, Analysis, and Theory EE Vaidyanathan
Zhu, Lin Photonic Crystal Bragg Lasers: Design, Fabrication, and Characterization EE Yariv
Afshari, Ehsan Optotronics: Optically Inspired Electronics EE Hajimiri
Anen, Cédric Robert Neural Correlates of Economic and Moral Decision-Making EE Quartz
Basset, Christophe Jean-Michel CMOS Imaging Technology with Embedded Early Image Processing EE Perona
Choi, John Myun Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Semiconductor Transverse Bragg Resonance Lasers EE Yariv, Crosignani
El-Khamy, Mostafa Said New Approaches to the Analysis and Design of Reed-Solomon Related Codes EE McEliece
Farajidana, Amir Performance Limits and Design Issues in Wireless Networks EE Hassibi
Feng, Philip Xiao-Li Ultra-High Frequency Nanoelectromechanical Systems with Low-Noise Technologies for Single-Molecule Mass Sensing EE Roukes
Gowaikar, Radhika Wireless Networks: New Models and Results EE Hassibi
Gupta, Vijay Distributed Estimation and Control in Networked Systems EE Murray, Hassibi
Jin, Zhipu Coordinated Control for Networked Multi-Agent Systems EE Murray
Komijani, Abbas Microwave Integrated Phased-Array Transmitters in Silicon EE Hajimiri
Li, Lun Topologies of Complex Networks: Functions and Structures EE Doyle, Low
Maltezos, George Manuel Microfluidic Devices for Accessible Medical Diagnostics EE Scherer
Mehyar, Mortada Distributed Averaging and Efficient File Sharing on Peer-to-Peer Networks EE Low
Miserendino, Scott Brian A Modular Microfluidic Approach to Nano High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Electrochemical Detection EE Tai
Natarajan, Arun Sridhar Millimeter-Wave Phased Arrays in Silicon EE Hajimiri
Poon, Joyce Kai See Active and Passive Coupled-Resonator Optical Waveguides EE Yariv
Rao, Chaitanya Kumar Asymptotic Analysis of Wireless Systems with Rayleigh Fading EE Hassibi
Tiwari, Abhishek Geometrical Analysis of Spatio-temporal Planning Problems EE Murray
Tooker, Angela Colleen Development of Biocompatible Parylene Neurocages for Action Potential Stimulation and Recording EE Tai, Pine
Yoon, Byung-Jun Signal Processing Methods for Genomic Sequence Analysis EE Vaidyanathan
Zhang, Zhaoyu Towards Functional Miniaturized Lasers EE Scherer
Zheng, Siyang On-Chip Blood Count EE Tai
Analui, Behnam Signal Integrity Issues in High-Speed Wireline Links: Analysis and Integrated System Solutions EE Hajimiri
Buckwalter, James Franklin Deterministic Jitter in Broadband Communication EE Hajimiri
Guan, Xiang Microwave Integrated Phased Array Receivers in Silicon EE Hajimiri
He, Qing Integrated Nano Liquid Chromatography System On-a-Chip EE Tai
Jaggi, Sidharth Design and Analysis of Network Codes EE Effros
Jeon, Sanggeun Design and Stability Analysis Techniques for Switching-Mode Nonlinear Circuits: Power Amplifiers and Oscillators EE Rutledge
Liger, Matthieu Uncooled Carbon Microbolometer Imager EE Tai
Muñoz Fernández, Michela Coherent Optical Array Receiver for PPM Signals Under Atmospheric Turbulence EE Hassibi
Neal, Terrell Demetris Surface Plasmon Enhanced Light Emission from Organic Light Emitters EE Scherer
Sharif, Masoud Broadband Wireless Broadcast Channels: Throughput, Performance, and PAPR Reduction EE Hassibi
Shih, Victor-Chi-Yuan Temperature-Controlled Microchip Liquid Chromatography System EE Tai
Taghavi Larigani, Shervin Theory, Fabrication and Applications of a Novel Archetype Semi-Ring Fabry-Perot (SRFP) Resonator and New Tiltmeters EE Hoffmann, van Zyl
Tang, Ao (Kevin) Heterogeneous Congestion Control Protocols EE Low
Tsang, Mankei Classical and Quantum Nonlinear Optical Information Processing EE Psaltis
Wang, Feiyu Design and Analysis of High-Efficiency L-Band Power Amplifiers EE Rutledge
Williams, Kjerstin Irja Multi-robot Systems: Modeling Swarm Dynamics and Designing Inspection Planning Algorithms EE Burdick, Martinoli
Armani, Deniz Karapetian Ultra-High-Q Planar Microcavities and Applications EE Vahala
Boland, Justin Scott Micro Electret Power Generators EE Tai
Cummings, Uri Vaughan Linearized and High Frequency Electrooptic Modulators EE Bridges
Green, William M. J. InGaAsP-InP Semiconductor Microcavity Geometries for Annular Bragg Reflection, Optical Switching, and Sensing EE Yariv
Gunn, Lawrence Cary, III Integration of Complex Optical Functionality in a Production CMOS Process EE Scherer
Hsieh, Hung-Te Operation of Holographic Elements with Broadband Light Sources EE Psaltis
Jing, Yindi Space-Time Code Design and Its Applications in Wireless Networks EE Doyle
Li, Fei-Fei Visual Recognition: Computational Models and Human Psychophysics EE Perona
Savarese, Silvio Shape Reconstruction from Shadows and Reflections EE Perona
Thorpe, Jeremy Christopher Analysis and Design of Protograph Based LDPC Codes and Ensembles EE McEliece
White, Christopher John A Solid-state Atomic Frequency Standard EE Hajimiri
Witzens, Jeremy Dispersion in Photonic Crystals EE Scherer
Xie, Jun Integrated Parylene LC-ESI on a Chip EE Tai
Adams, Mark Lee Integration of Optoelectronics and Microfluidics for Biological and Chemical Sensing EE Scherer
Aparicio Joo, Roberto Frequency Generation Techniques for Integrated Applications EE Hajimiri
Barsic, David Nicholas Small-Scale Liquid-State Dynamics in Nanometer Size Devices EE Scherer
Dugatkin, Diego G. Optimization of Multi-Resolution Source Codes EE Effros
Fleming, Michael Ian James On Source Coding for Networks EE Effros
Florens, Cédric Jean Paul Data Collection and Distribution in Sensory Networks EE McEliece
Hashemi, Hossein Integrated Concurrent Multi-Band Radios and Multiple-Antenna Systems EE Hajimiri
Husain, Ali Nanotube and Nanowire Devices EE Scherer
Jiang, Anxiao (Andrew) Optimized Network Data Storage and Topology Control EE Bruck
Lu, Dai Active Patch Array Design and Indoor Channel Modeling for Future Wireless Communications EE Rutledge
Palanki, Ravi Iterative Decoding for Wireless Networks EE McEliece
Riedel, Marcus D. Cyclic Combinational Circuits EE Bruck
Tkacenko, Andre Optimization Algorithms for Realizable Signal-Adapted Filter Banks EE Vaidyanathan
Vrcelj, Bojan Multirate Signal Processing Concepts in Digital Communications EE Vaidyanathan
Yoshie, Tomoyuki Planar Photonic Crystal Nanocavities with Active Quantum Nanostructures EE Scherer
Agassounon, William B. G. Modeling Artificial, Mobile Swarm Systems EE McEliece
Cheung, Chun Tung Waveguide Packaging of Quasi-Optical Grid Amplifiers EE Rutledge
Franceschetti, Massimo Wireless Networks, from Collective Behavior to the Physics of Propagation EE Bruck
Khandekar, Aamod Dinkar Graph-Based Codes and Iterative Decoding EE McEliece
Lessard, Guillaume Apertureless Near-Field Optical Microscopy for Fluorescence Imaging EE Quake
Lončar, Marko Nanophotonic Devices Based on Planar Photonic Crystals EE Scherer
Meng, Ellis Fan-Chuin MEMS Technology and Devices for a Micro Fluid Dosing System EE Tai
Mookherjea, Shayan Coupled-Resonator Optical Waveguides and Multiplexed Solitons EE Yariv
Morgan, Matthew Alexander Millimeter-Wave MMICs and Applications EE Rutledge
Panotopoulos, Georgios Holographic Information Systems EE Psaltis
Song, Yang A Probabilistic Approach to Human Motion Detection and Labeling EE Perona
Wu, Hui Signal Generation and Processing in High-Frequency / High-Speed Silicon-Based Integrated Circuits EE Hajimiri
Yang, Yunping Holographic Recording and Dynamic Range Improvement in Lithium Niobate Crystals EE Psaltis
Zhao, Qian Network Source Coding: Theory and Code Design for Broadcast and Multiple Access Networks EE Effros
Aoki, Ichiro Distributed Active Transformer for Integrated Power Amplification EE Janda
Feng, Hanying Rate Loss of Network Source Codes EE Effros
Feng, Xiaolin Methods for the Analysis of Visual Motion EE Perona
Foltz, Kevin E. Periodic Broadcast Scheduling for Data Distribution EE Bruck
Ham, Donhee Statistical Electronics: Noise Processes in Integrated Communication Systems EE Hajimiri
Kee, Scott David The Class E/F Family of Harmonic-Tuned Switching Power Amplifiers EE Readhead
Liu, Zhiwen Optical Information Storage and Processing EE Psaltis
Mumbrú, José Optoelectronic Circuits Using Holographic Elements EE Psaltis, Bossaerts
Pesavento, Alberto Visual Sensors for Focal Plane Computation of Image Features EE Koch
Pornsinsirirak, Teerachai Nicholas Parylene MEMS Technology for Adaptive Flow Control of Flapping Flight EE Neugebauer
Vučković, Jelena Photonic Crystal Structures for Efficient Localization or Extraction of Light EE Scherer
Xu, Yong Flexible MEMS Skin Technology for Distributed Fluidic Sensing EE Tai
Yao, Tze-Jung Parylene for MEMS Applications EE Tai
Akkarakaran, Sony John Filter Bank Optimization with Applications in Noise Suppression and Communications EE Vaidyanathan
Billock, Joseph Gregory Attentional Control of Complex Systems EE Psaltis
Cai, Ming Optical Fiber Taper Coupled Glass Microsphere Resonators EE Vahala
Fan, Chenggong Charles Fault-tolerant cluster of networking elements EE Bruck
Grosjean, Charles Silicone MEMS for fluidics EE Tai
Hsieh, Wen Hsuan MEMS thin film teflon electret condenser microphones EE Tai
Jin, Hui Analysis and design of turbo-like codes EE McEliece
Koosh, Vincent Frank Analog Computation and Learning in VLSI EE Goodman
Koumans, Roger Gerard Matthias Semiconductor mode-locked lasers : modeling, characterization and applications EE Yariv
Lindal, John An investigation of several document classification algorithms leading to the design of an autonomous software agent for locating specific, relevant information on the World Wide Web EE Goodman
Liu, Wenhai Holographic resolution and its application in memory and imaging EE Psaltis
Mehta, Neelesh B. Impact of user mobility on resource allocation schemes in cellular radio systems EE Goldsmith
Meşe, Murat Image halftoning and inverse reconstruction problems with considerations to image watermarking EE Vaidyanathan
Moser, Christophe Optical Information Processing EE Psaltis
Painter, Oskar Jon Optical Nanocavities in Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Planar Waveguides EE Scherer
Steckman, Gregory Joseph Holographic recording in polymeric materials with applications EE Psaltis
Tang, Kea-Tiong Neuromorphic VLSI circuits for an electronic nose chip EE Goodman
Adibi, Ali Persistent holographic storage in photorefractive crystals EE Psaltis
Aji, Srinivas Mandayam Graphical Models and Iterative Decoding EE McEliece
Babcock, David S. Intelligent control using generalizing case-based reasoning with neural networks EE Goodman
Chattopadhyay, Goutam Dual polarized and balanced receivers at millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths EE Zmuidzinas
Chou, Hou-Pu Microfabricated devices for rapid DNA diagnostics EE Scherer, Quake
Daniell, Cynthia Evors Object Recognition in Compressed Imagery. EE Goodman
Davis, John F. Low-cost, industrial class-E power amplifiers with sine-wave drive EE Rutledge
Deckman, Blythe Chadwick Active quasi-optics and measurements EE Rutledge
Desai, Amish S. Micromachined devices for an airborne bio-particle analysis system EE Tai
Djekić, Ognjen Optimization and miniaturization of microprocessor power supplies EE Cuk
Ikriannikov, Alexandr New Developments in Single Phase Power Factor Correction EE Cuk
Li, Lifang Adaptive receiver design and optimal resource allocation strategies for fading channels EE Goldsmith
Munich, Mario Enrique Visual input for pen-based computers EE Perona
Peral, Eva M. Some issues relevant to propagation of lightwave signals in optical fibers EE Yariv
Wang, Xu Optoelectric devices for optical memory systems EE Psaltis
Wang, Xuan-Qi Integrated parylene micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) EE Tai
Wong, Joyce Y. Perpendicular patterned media for high density magnetic storage EE Scherer
Wu, Shuyun Integrated polysilicon thermistors for microfluidic sensing EE Tai
Zhu, Xiaoyun Hard vs. soft bounds in probablilistic robustness analysis and generalized source coding and optimal web layout design EE Doyle
Bouguet, Jean-Yves Visual methods for three-dimensional modeling EE Perona
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Horn, Gavin B. Iterative decoding and pseudo-codewords EE McEliece
Huang, Yun Nonlinear optimal control: an enhanced quasi-LPV approach EE Doyle
Khatri, Sven H. Extensions to the structured singular value EE Doyle
Kirac, Ahmet Optimal orthonormal subband coding and lattice quantization with vector dithering EE Vaidyanathan
Laubach, Sharon Lynn Theory and experiments in autonomous sensor-based motion planning with applications for flight planetary microrovers EE Burdick
Li, Shijie UHF and X-Band Class-E amplifiers EE Rutledge
Maric, Dragan S. Advanced flux weakening techniques for surface-mounted permanent-magnet machine drives EE Rutledge
Preventza, Polly Analysis and design for quasi-optical structures EE Rutledge
Schenk, Kurt Power factor correction topologies and small-signal modeling. I: Single-phase and three-phase power factor correction. II: Small-signal analysis of converters in discontinuous conduction mode EE Cuk
Song, Xubo Contextual pattern recognition with applications to biomedical image identification EE Abu-Mostafa
Wright, John A. Through-wafer 3-D micromachining and its applications for neural interfaces and microrelays EE Tai
Xu, Lihao Highly available distributed storage systems EE Bruck
Xu, Meina Iterative decoding and graphical code representations EE McEliece
Yang, Xing Micromachined silicone rubber membrane valves for fluidic applications EE Tai
Alouini, Mohamed-Slim Adaptive and Diversity Techniques for Wireless Digital Communications Over Fading Channels EE Goldsmith
An, Xin Long-term large-scale holographic storage in LiNbO33:Fe EE
Barbastathis, George Intelligent holographic databases EE Psaltis
Cheng, Chuan-cheng Nanofabrication and Characterization of Photonic Crystals EE Scherer
Chuang, Ernest Y. Methods and architecture for rewritable holographic memories EE
Glavaski, Sonja Robust system analysis and nonlinear system model reduction EE Doyle
Jiang, Fukang Silicon-micromachined flow sensors EE Tai
Magdon-Ismail, Malik Supervised learning in probabilistic environments EE Abu-Mostafa
Tsao, Thomas Rocco Silicon micromachined magnetic actuators for aerodynamic flow control applications EE Tai
Tuqan, Jamal Statistical optimization of multirate systems and orthonormal filter banks EE Vaidyanathan
Assad, Christopher Electric field maps and boundary element simulations of electrolocation in weakly electric fish EE Bower
Beck, Carolyn Louise Model Reduction and Minimality for Uncertain Systems EE Doyle
Burl, Michael C. Recognition of visual object classes EE Perona
Cheng, Jung-Fu Iterative decoding EE McEliece
D'Andrea, Raffaello Generalizations of H-infinity optimization. Control of rotating stall EE Doyle
Diorio, Christopher J. Neurally inspired silicon learning : from synapse transistors to learning arrays EE Mead
Drolet, Jean-Jacques P. Optoelectronic devices for information storage and processing EE Psaltis, Scherer
Gupta, Vidyabhusan Analog VLSI for active drag reduction EE Goodman
Kantner, Michael James Robust simulation and analysis of nonlinear systems EE
Lazar, James Frederick Analysis of single phase rectifier circuits EE Cuk, Middlebrook
Lin, Wei The trellis complexity of block and convolutional codes EE McEliece
Lin, Yuan-Pei One- and Two-Dimensional Cosine Modulated Filter Banks EE Vaidyanathan
Miller, Raanan Ariel Microfabricated electromagnetic flap actuators and their applications EE Tai
Moussessian, Alina Quasi-optical active antennas EE Rutledge
Pu, Allen Holographic 3-D disks and optical correlators using photopolymer materials EE
Salik, Boaz Spatio-temporal beam synthesis and applications to photolithography EE Yariv
Yu, Zhong Design issues in communications networks : reliability and traffic analysis EE McEliece
Ambrose, Barry E. Dynamic routing of telephone traffic using network management tools EE Goodman
Burr, Geoffrey W. Volume holographic storage using the 90° geometry EE
Chiao, Jung-Chih Quasi-optical components for millimeter and submillimeter waves EE Rutledge
De Lisio, Michael Peter Hybrid and monolithic active quasi-optical grids EE Rutledge
Deng, Edward E. I. Negative incremental impedance of fluorescent lamps. II. Simple high power factor lamp ballasts EE Cuk, Middlebrook
Lie, Yu-Chun Donald Ion implantation in epitaxial GexSi1-x on Si(100) EE Nicolet
Liu, Chang Silicon Micromachined Sensors and Actuators for Fluid Mechanics Applications EE Tai
Liu, Cheh-Ming Jeff Monolithic grid amplifiers EE Rutledge
Lubecke, Victor Manuel Micromechanical tuning elements for submillimeter wave integrated circuits EE Rutledge
Luo, Jiafu Monolithic GaAs VLSI optoelectronic neuron arrays EE Psaltis
Marx, David Solomon Subwavelength structures, optical diffraction, and optical disc memories EE
Morris, John Christopher Experimental Control: a Helicopter Case Study EE Doyle
Orlov, Sergei S. Holographic storage dynamics, phase conjugation, and nonlinear optics in photorefractive materials EE Yariv
Paganini-Herrera, Fernando Sets and Constraints in the Analysis of Uncertain Systems EE Doyle
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Salvatore, Randal A. Ultrashort and ultrahigh-repetition-rate pulses from passively mode-locked semiconductor lasers EE Yariv, Scherer
Shakouri, Ali Electron transport in quantum well infrared photodetectors EE Yariv
Tierno, Jorge E. A computational approach to nonlinear system analysis EE Doyle, Murray
Zhou, Dongyan Synthesis of PWM Dc-to-Dc Power Converters EE Middlebrook, Cuk
Bodenheimer, Robert Edward The Whirling Blade and the Steaming Cauldron EE Doyle
Cortese, John Anthony Stochastic Computation EE Goodman
Deora, Sanjeev K. Channel assignment algorithms in cellular radio networks EE McEliece
Djokovic, Igor Optimization issues in wavelets and filter banks EE Vaidyanathan
Flanagan, Michael J. Reduced-complexity digital sinusoid generators and oversampled data converters EE Posner, McEliece, Zimmerman
Hattori, Masayuki Subspace Subcodes of Reed-Solomon Codes EE McEliece
Liu, Jianqiang Integrated micro devices for small scale gaseous flow study EE Tai
Lu, Wei-Min Control of Uncertain Systems: State-Space Characterizations EE Doyle
Pedroni, Volnei A. VLSI systems for analog and Hamming parallel computation EE Yariv
Pillai, N. Sateesh Non-dissipative decay of linear quasimodes in a pure electron plasma EE Gould
Regehr, Martin W. Signal extraction and control for an interferometric gravitational wave detector EE Drever, Raab, Yariv
Stevanovic, Ljubisa D. Switching converters for input current shaping and regulation of multiple outputs EE Cuk, Middlebrook
Tatic-Lucic, Svetlana Silicon micromachined devices for in vitro and in vivo studies of neural networks EE Tai, Pine
Antsos, Dimitrios Computer-aided modeling and analysis of passive microwave and millimeter-wave high-temperature superconductor circuits and components EE Posner, McEliece
Brkovic, Milivoje Slobodan Switching converters with magnetic amplifiers as controllable switches : I: Soft-switching converters. II: Input current shaping EE Cuk, Middlebrook
Cauwenberghs, Gert Analog VLSI autonomous systems for learning and optimization EE Yariv
Cetin, Bedri Cag TRUST : a new global optimization methodology, application to artificial neural networks, and analog VLSI implementation EE Burdick
Curtis, Kevin R. 3-D photopolymer disks for correlation and data storage, and cross-talk in volume holographic memories EE Psaltis
Greenspan, Hayit Multi-resolution image processing and learning for texture recognition and image enhancement EE Goodman
Grot, Annette C. Analog GAAS optoelectronic integrated circuits for large scale arrays EE
Hacker, Jonathan Bruce Grid mixers and power grid oscillators EE Rutledge
Lee, Ming-Chieh Still and Moving Image Compression Systems Using Multiscale Techniques EE Posner, McEliece
Li, Hsin-Yu Sidney Photorefractive 3-D disks for optical data storage and artificial neural networks EE
Qiao, Yong Learning dynamics of photorefractive neural networks EE
Rakshit, Subrata Analysis of image sequences using redundant representations EE
Raphaeli, Dan Noncoherent Coded Modulation EE McEliece, Posner
Salam, Gamze Erten An analog VLSI architecture for stereo correspondence EE Goodman
Santi, Enrico Magnetics and control in power electronics : I. Modeling of coupled inductors. II. One-cycle control of switching converters EE Cuk, Middlebrook
Schrans, Thomas Part 1: Longitudinal static and dynamic effects in semiconductor lasers. Part II: Spectral characteristics of passively mode-locked quantum well lasers EE Yariv
Tan, Fang Dong Modeling and control of switching converters : I. Unified modeling and measurement of current-programmed converters. II. A generic averaged model for switches in dc-to-dc converters EE Middlebrook, Cuk
Vollin, Jeffrey Lance Resonant power processing at a fixed frequency using a controllable inductance EE Cuk, Middlebrook
Zeng, Zheng Recurrent neural networks for grammatical inference EE Goodman
Chen, Tsuhan Multidimensional multirate filters and filter banks : theory, design, and implementation EE Vaidyanathan
Higgins, Charles Marion Classification and Approximation with Rule-Based Networks EE Goodman
Kerns, Douglas A. Experiments in very large-scale analog computation EE Hopfield, Mead
Kim, Moonil Grid amplifiers EE Rutledge
Ko, Tsz-Mei On the VLSI decompositions for complete graphs, DeBruijn graphs, hypercubes, hyperplanes, meshes, and shuffle-exchange graphs EE McEliece
Mandell, Michael I. A comparison of CDMA and frequency hopping in a cellular environment EE McEliece
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Rotstein, Hector P. Constrained H[infinity]-optimization for discrete-time control systems EE Sideris
Sheehy, Finbar T. Antenna-coupled mm-wave electro-optic modulators and linearized electro-optic modulators EE Bridges
Sheiman, Arthur E. A new method for solving irises in waveguides EE Bridges
Soman, Anand New results on paraunitary filter banks : energy compaction properties, linear phase factorizations and relation to wavelets EE Vaidyanathan
Watts, Donald Lloyd Cochlear Mechanics: Analysis and Analog VLSI EE Mead
Young, Peter Michael Robustness with Parametric and Dynamic Uncertainty EE Doyle
Zhang, Yongfang Coupled array of CO2 waveguide lasers EE Bridges
Galton, Ian An analysis of quantization noise in delta sigma modulation and its application to parallel delta sigma modulation EE Posner
Guo, Yong Millimeter-wave integrated-circuit horn-antenna imaging arrays EE Rutledge
Ji, Chuanyi Generalization capability of neural networks EE Psaltis
Lin, Steven H. GaAs optoelectronic integrated circuits for optical neural network applications EE Psaltis
Ramesh, Rajaram Efficient multichannel methods for high-rate data transmission with application to ISDN (or) pouring water to get more out of copper EE Posner
Sayano, Masahiro Analyses of coding and compression strategies for data storage and transmission EE Goodman
Weikle, Robert M. Quasi-optical planar grids for microwave and millimeter-wave power combining EE Rutledge
Wong, Yiu-fai Isaac Towards a simple and fast learning and classification system EE Posner
Yamamura, Alan Akihiro Neural network control and an optoelectronic implementation of a multilayer feedforward neural network EE Psaltis
Atiya, Amir Learning algorithms for neural networks EE Abu-Mostafa
Brown, Timothy X. Neural network design for switching network control EE Posner
Erlanson, Ruth A. Soft-decision decoding of a family of nonlinear codes using a neural network EE Abu-Mostafa
Hudson, Raymond Scott Radar imaging for aircraft identification and planetary astronomy EE Psaltis
Koilpillai, Ravinder David Design issues in multirate digital filter banks, including transmultiplexers EE Vaidyanathan
Kramer, Kathleen A. Large operand division and an asynchrous approach to fault detection EE Goodman
Neifeld, Mark A. Optical memory disks in optical pattern recognition systems EE Psaltis
Rose, Kenneth Deterministic annealing, clustering, and optimization EE Fox, Posner
Sathe, Vinay Padmakar Multirate adaptive filtering algorithms : analysis and applications EE Vaidyanathan
Smedley, Keyue Ma Control art of switching converters EE Cuk, Middlebrook
Wedge, Scott William Computer-aided design of low noise microwave circuits EE Rutledge
Doğanata, Zinnur General Structural Representations for Multi-Input Multi-Output Discrete-Time FIR and IIR Lossless Systems EE Vaidyanathan
Hsu, Ken Yuh Optical neural computing for associative memories EE
Kavranoglu, Davut Elementary solutions for the H infinity- general distance problem- equivalence of H2 and H infinity optimization problems EE Sideris
Liu, Vincent Cheng-Teh One and two-dimensional digital mutirate systems with applications in sub-sampling and bandlimited signal reconstruction EE Vaidyanathan
Makur, Anamitra Low rate image coding using vector quantization EE Posner, Vaidyanathan
Mehuys, David Glenn Linear, nonlinear, and tunable guided wave modes for high-power (GaAl)As semiconductor lasers EE Yariv
Onyszchuk, Ivan M. On the Performance of Convolutional Codes EE McEliece
Park, Cheol Hoon Optical computing and higher order associative memories EE
Popovic, Zoya Basta Grid oscillators EE Rutledge
Riza, Nabeel Agha Novel acousto-optic systems for spectrum analysis and phased array radar signal processing EE
Sivarajan, Kumar N. Spectrum efficient frequency assignment for cellular radio EE McEliece
Zimmerman, George Allan Applications of frequency modulation interference cancellers to multiaccess communications systems EE Posner
Chao, Chi-chao Error-Correction Coding for Reliable Communication in the Presence of Extreme Noise EE McEliece
Chiueh, Tzi-Dar Pattern Classification and Associative Recall by Neural Networks EE Goodman
Coffey, John Timothy On Complexity and Efficiency in Encoding and Decoding Error-correcting Codes EE Goodman
Collins, Oliver Michael Coding Beyond the Computational Cutoff Rate EE McEliece
Maksimović, Dragan Synthesis of PWM and Quasi-Resonant DC-to-DC Power Converters EE Cuk, Middlebrook
Mok, Fai Ho Binary Correlators for Optical Computing and Pattern Recognition EE Psaltis, Martel
Nguyen, Truong Quang Design and Implementation of Linear-Phase and/or Pairwise-Symmetric Perfect-Reconstruction FIR Multirate Filter Banks EE Vaidyanathan
Sánchez Peña, Ricardo Salvador Robust Analysis of Feedback Systems with Parametric and Dynamic Structured Uncertainty EE Sideris, Martel
Tomita, Yasuo Modal Dispersal of Information and Wave Mixing in Photorefractive Crystals for Information Retrieval, Processing and Sensing EE Yariv
Williams, Wyman Lee Computer-Aided Measurement of Microwave Circuits EE Rutledge, Martel
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Majani, Eric Etienne A Model for the Study of Very Noisy Channels, and Applications EE McEliece
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Rizvi, Syed Azhar Abbas The Critical Points of Poynting Vector Fields EE Papas
Smyth, Padhraic The Application of Information Theory to Problems in Decision Tree Design and Rule-Based Expert Systems EE Goodman, Martel
So, Frank Cheung Tao Diffusion Barriers for VLSI Applications EE Nicolet, Martel
Yu, Jeffrey Winston Optical Processing Using Photorefractive Crystals EE Psaltis
Bassiri, Sassan Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Radiation in Chiral Media EE Papas
Cheung, Kar-Ming Error-Correction Coding in Data Storage Systems EE McEliece
Compton, Richard C. Analysis of Millimeter and Microwave Integrated Circuits EE Rutledge
Dailey, Russell Lane Conic Sector Analysis for Digital Control Systems with Structured Uncertainty EE Doyle
Doğanata, Yurdaer Nezihi Analysis of Traffic Problems of Integrated Networks EE Posner
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Lam, Wayne W. Millimeter-Wave Monolithic Schottky Diode-Grid Phase Shifter EE Rutledge
Lau, Billy Ying Bui Small-Signal Frequency Response Theory for Ideal Dc-to-Dc Converter Systems EE Middlebrook
Mahadevan, Ramaswamy Problems in Analysis, Control, and Design of Switching Inverters and Rectifiers EE Middlebrook, Cuk
Rakuljic, George Anthony Photorefractive Properties and Applications of Barium Titanate and Tungsten Bronze Ferroelectrics EE Yariv
Venkatesh, Santosh Subramanyam Linear Maps with Point Rules: Applications to Pattern Classification and Associative Memory EE Psaltis
Wagner, Kelvin H. Time and Space Integrating Acousto-Optic Signal Processing EE Psaltis
Zhang, Zhe Coupled-Inductor Magnetics in Power Electronics EE Cuk
Abdel-Ghaffar, Khaled Ahmed Sabry An Information- and Coding-Theoretic Study of Bursty Channels with Applications to Computer Memories EE McEliece
Bruno, William Michael Powder Core Dielectric Waveguides EE Bridges
Dauhajre, Abraham A. Modelling and Estimation of Leakage Phenomena in Magnetic Circuits EE Middlebrook
El-Hamamsy, Sayed-Amr Coupled-Inductor Inversion, Rectification and Cycloconversion EE Middlebrook
Guérin, Roch Queueing and Traffic in Cellular Radio EE Posner
Haney, Michael William Acousto-Optical Time-and-Space Integrating Processors for Real-Time Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging EE Psaltis
Swaminathan, Kumar Analysis and Demonstration of the Quantile Vocoder EE Middlebrook
van Zyl, Jakob Johannes On the Importance of Polarization in Radar Scattering Problems EE Papas
Venkataramanan, Ramanarayanan Sliding Mode Control of Power Converters EE Cuk
Zah, Chung-en Millimeter-Wave Monolithic Schottky Diode Imaging Arrays EE Rutledge
Lien, Chuen-Der Thin Film Silicide Formation by Thermal Annealing: Study of Kinetics, Moving Species, Impurity Effect, and Electrical Properties EE Nicolet, Caughey
Tong, Peter Ping Tak Millimeter-Wave Integrated-Circuit Antenna Arrays EE Rutledge
Abushagur, Mustafa A. G. Scattering of Light from Large Cylinders EE Bridges
Bartur, Meir Utilization of Silicides for VLSI-Contacts with Aluminum and Thermal Oxidation EE Nicolet
Ngo, Khai Doan The Topology and Analysis in PWM Inversion, Rectification, and Cycloconversion EE Cuk
Polivka, William M. Applications of Magnetics to Problems in Switched-Mode Power Conversion EE Cuk
Vorpérian, Vatché Analysis of Resonant Converters EE Cuk
Warne, Larry Kevin Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering in a Plasma with an Azimuthal Biasing Field EE Papas
Abu-Mostafa, Yaser Said Complexity of Information Extraction EE Psaltis
Barzegar, Farhad Problems in Switched-Mode DC and AC Power Conversion EE Cuk, Middlebrook
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Erickson, Robert Warren, Jr. Large Signals in Switching Converters EE Cuk
Harder, Christoph S. Bistability, High Speed Modulation, Noise and Pulsations in GaAlAs Semiconductor Lasers EE Yariv
Engheta, Nader On the Radiation Patterns of Interfacial Antennas EE Papas
Kavaya, Michael Joseph Optoacoustic Detection Employing Stark Voltage Modulation and Stark Polarization Modulation EE Bridges
Schweig, Edgard Dielectric Waveguides for Millimeter Waves EE Bridges
Brown, Arthur Raymond Topics in the Analysis, Measurement, and Design of High-Performance Switching Regulators EE Middlebrook, Cuk
Katz, Joseph AlGaAs Optoelectronic Devices for Optical Communications EE Yariv
Lau, Kam-Yin Ultra-High Frequency Dynamics of Semiconductor Injection Lasers EE Yariv
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Korwar, Vijaya Narayan Degradation of picture quality by speckle in coherent mapping systems EE Pierce, Posner
Levine, Bruce Stephen Particle confinement and magnetic fluctuations in tokamak discharges with gas puffing EE Gould
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Packard, Dennis John Discrete modeling and analysis of switching regulators EE Middlebrook
Suezawa, Yoshitaka Damped Free Oscillation of Magnetization in Ni-Fe Thin Films EE Humphrey, Wilts, Langmuir
Yang, Fang-Chou An Analysis of Linear Induction Motors for Propulsion and Suspension of Magnetically Levitated Vehicles EE Papas
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Evans, Gary A. Electromagnetic theory of distributed feedback lasers in periodic dielectric waveguides EE Papas
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Marrello, Vincent Part I. Solid-Phase Growth of Germanium Structures. Part II. Condensation of Injected Electrons and Holes in Germanium EE Mayer, McGill
Melville, Richard Devern Samuels Spatial and spectral behavior of speckle in an imaging system EE George
Sankur, Haluk Part I - Diffusion of Si in Al and Solid Phase Growth of Epitaxial Si Structures in Al. Part II - Investigation on the Si-Au Interface Effects and on the Phase Diagram of Si-Au-Cu EE McCaldin
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Jiang, Ching-Lin Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Radiation in a Suddenly Created Plasma EE Papas
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Mohsen, Amr Mohamed Incomplete Charge Transfer in Overlapping Gates Charge Coupled Devices EE Mead, McGill
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McGovern, Patrick Anthony Electromagnetic fields in nonuniform lossless transmission lines EE Papas
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Pearson, James Edward Infrared optical parametric fluorescence and parametric oscillation EE Yariv
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Bilow, Henry Joel Electromagnetic wave propagation and scattering in a randomly-inhomogeneous dielectric sphere EE Papas
Damlamayan, Dikran Analysis of Aperture Antennas in Inhomogeneous Media EE Papas
Davey, Theodore Herbert The conjugate representation of signal envelope EE Martel
Early, Benjamin Nathaniel Stochastic Optimal Control EE Sridhar
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Baum, Carl Edward A scaling technique for the design of idealized electromagnetic lenses EE Papas
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Green, Richard Rutherford Decoding cosets of first-order Reed-Muller code EE Martel
Grinthal, Edward Ted Derivation and Interpretation of a Generalized Charge-Control Theory and Reciprocity for a Bipolar Transistor EE Middlebrook
Laussade, Jean-Pierre Raymond Henri I. Mode Locking and Ultrashort Laser Pulses by a Refractive Index Nonlinearity. II. A Theoretical Study of Optical Wave Propagation Through a Random Medium and its Application to Optical Communication EE Yariv
Lee, Don Howard Double injection: high frequency noise and temperature dependence EE Nicolet
McGill, T. C. The evaluation of E-k curves from tunneling currents EE Mead
Mo, Tse Chin Theory of Electrodynamics of Media in Non-Inertial Frames and Applications EE Papas
Molinder, John Irving Binary Coding Using Standard Run Lengths EE Grettenberg
Norgard, John Dennis Radiation from an Antenna Entering the Martian Atmosphere EE Papas
Ohtakay, Hiroshi Variable Lift Control of a Space Vehicle During the Re-Entry into Martian Atmosphere EE Sridhar
Rodriguez, Valentin Measurement of the electron drift velocity in silicon EE Nicolet
Sahinkaya, Yilmaz Esref Minimum Energy Control of Electric Propulsion Vehicles EE Sridhar
Srinivasan, Ramachandra A nonlinear systems model for the control mechanism of free fatty acid-glucose metabolosm in normal humans EE Sridhar
St-Cyr, Gaetan Joseph Control Mechanisms in the Human Binocular Oculomotor System EE Fender
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Yoh, James Gas Laser Discharge Noise and its Effect on the Laser Output EE George
De Mari, Andrea Accurate Numerical Steady-State and Transient One-Dimensional Solutions of Semiconductor Devices EE Middlebrook
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Chan, Tsiu Chiu A study of nonlinear phenomena in the propagation of electromagnetic waves in a weakly ionized gas EE Papas
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Beeler, George Wood Stochastic processes in the human eye movement control system EE Fender
Bond, Robert Harold Directed Electron Velocity Distributions in Rare Gas Discharges Using Guard Ring Probes EE Langmuir, Gould
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Close, Donald Henry Nonlinear effects in traveling wave laser amplifiers EE George
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Specht, Walter Albert Modes in spherical-mirror resonators. dominant mode calculations in output-coupled infinite strip mirror resonators EE George
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Collette, Rene Clement Domain walls, demagnetizing fields and anisotropy in thin ferromagnetic films EE
Hughes, Gordon Frierson A threshold gate feed-forward switching net algorithm EE
Jacobson, Alexander Donald On the theory of noise-like electromagnetic fields of arbitrary spectral width EE
Lee, Kelvik S. H. On the Doppler effect in a medium EE
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