Engineering and Art

March 12, 2015

Students in Professor Hillary Mushkin’s media arts seminar (E/H/Art 89 New Media Arts in the 20th and 21st Centuries) have once again put on a unique exhibition highlighting art and engineering. The course provides a platform for an expanded understanding of engineering and an active, project-based engagement with art history.

This year's projects included one by electrical engineering and computer science undergraduate students involving users interacted with a video camera and experiencing the disorientating effect of the ability to "see" the sounds. A mechanical engineering student designed a wearable electronic device that allowed the user to enter into a chaotic loop of lights, sensors, and electricity. When the user flexed any one of their fingers, a flex sensor triggered a light pulse to be sent up the arm through an LED strip. Another mechanical engineering student’s project entitled "Mood Lighting" demonstrated how the addition of technology to the human body can enhance the human experience. [List of all projects]

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Hillary Mushkin

Hillary Mushkin