EE Devices Seminar - Konstantin Vodopyanov, CREOL, University of Central Florida

Friday February 3, 2023 4:00 PM

Precision midinfrared-to-THz frequency combs and their spectroscopic applications

Speaker: Konstantin Vodopyanov, CREOL, University of Central Florida
Location: Moore B280
*Refreshments at 3:45pm*

I will describe two techniques for producing more-than-octave-wide frequency combs in the mid-IR to THz spectral ranges: (i) subharmonic generation in sync-pumped optical parametric oscillators that converts the carrier of ultrafast pulses to half its frequency and dramatically augments the spectrum and (ii) optical rectification of few-optical-cycle pulses producing downconverted transients centered in the mid-IR range up to THz. I will also talk about high-resolution dual-comb spectroscopy performed with these sources.

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