Caltech Mixed-Signal, RF & Microwave Seminar

Friday November 6, 2015 4:00 PM

Opportunities and Challenges for Photonics in Next-Generation Data Centers

Speaker: Clint Schow, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Santa Barbara
Location: Moore B280

Data centers are driving the development of next-generation photonic technologies with the promise of higher performance at lower cost. Worldwide research encompasses multi- and single-mode links, all-photonic switching and routing technologies, and hybrid networks combining electrical and optical switching. This talk will provide background on the current role of optical interconnects in data centers and will highlight opportunities for photonics to dramatically improve the connectivity and performance of future installations.  Integration of large-scale photonics with electronics in next generation multi-chip modules will be required, which raises a host of challenges and risks that provide fertile ground for research and innovation.

Series Mixed-Signal, RF, and Microwave Seminar

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