Charles Wilts Prize

Charles H. Wilts

The Doctoral Prize named after Charles H. Wilts has been instituted by his Caltech colleagues and was endowed by his friends, students, and colleagues as a lasting tribute to the scientist, the teacher, and the man he was. The mark of his science was excellence. His teaching was rigorous and his demands were high, but attainable when his own path of exactitude followed. Most of all, it is the man that the prize wants to honor. He loved nature enthusiastically, had a disarming personal simplicity with an engaging smile and laugh, and possessed an unbending integrity and rectitude he placed above any concerns for fame, power, or profit. He deeply respected his fellow men.

The Charles Wilts Prize is awarded every year to one EE graduate student for outstanding independent research in electrical engineering leading to a PhD.

Kuan-Chang Chen 2022
Kuan-Chang Chen
Advisor: Azita Emami
Thesis: Energy-Efficient Receiver Design for High-Speed Interconnects.
Jin Sima 2022
Jin Sima
Advisor: Shuki Bruck
Thesis: Correcting Errors in DNA Storage
Oguzan Teke 2021
Oguzhan Teke
Thesis: Signals on Networks: Random Asynchronous and Multirate Processing, and Uncertainty Principles
Lei Li 2020
Lei Li
Advisor: Lihong Wang
Thesis: Multi-contrast Photoacoustic Computed Tomography
Srikanth Venkata Tenneti 2019
Srikanth Venkata Tenneti
Advisor: P. P. Vaidyanathan
Thesis: The Nested Periodic Subspaces: Extensions of Ramanujan Sums for Period Estimation
Behrooz Abiri 2018
Behrooz Abiri
Advisor: Ali Hajimiri
Thesis: Silicon Integrated Arrays: From Microwave to IR
Manuel Alejandro Monge Osorio 2017
Manuel Alejandro Monge Osorio
Advisor: Azita Emami
Thesis: Localization and Stimulation Techniques for Implantable Medical Electronics
Changhong Zhao 2017
Changhong Zhao
Advisor: Steven Low
Thesis: Real-Time Load-Side Control of Electric Power Systems
Roarke Horstmeyer 2016
Roarke Horstmeyer
Advisor: Changhuei Yang
Thesis: Computational Microscopy: Turning Megapixels into Gigapixels
Carlos Roberto Gonzalez 2015
Carlos Roberto Gonzalez
Advisors: Yaser Abu-Mostafa and Pietro Perona
Thesis: Optimal Data Distributions in Machine Learning
Samet Oymak 2015
Samet Oymak
Advisor: Babak Hassibi
Thesis: Convex Relaxation for Low-Dimensional Representation: Phase Transitions and Limitations
Piya Pal 2014
Piya Pal
Advisor: P P Vaidyanathan
Thesis: New directions in sparse sampling and estimation for underdetermined systems
Kaushik Sengupta 2013
Kaushik Sengupta
Advisor: Ali Hajimiri
Thesis: Silicon-based Terahertz Circuits and Systems
Hongchao Zhou 2013
Hongchao Zhou
Advisor: Shuki Bruck
Thesis: Randomness and Noise in Information Systems
Mohammad Amin Khajehnejad 2012
Mohammad Amin Khajehnejad
Advisor: Babak Hassibi
Thesis: Combinatorial Regression and Improved Basis Pursuit for Sparse Estimation
Ching-Chih Weng 2012
Ching-Chih Weng
Advisor: PP Vaidyanathan
Thesis: The Role of Majorization and Generalized Triangular Decomposition in Communication and Signal Processing
Edward A. Keehr 2011
Edward A. Keehr
Advisor: Ali Hajimiri
Thesis: Techniques for Mixed-Signal Linearization and Large Signal Handling in Radio-Frequency Receiver Circuits
Weiyu Xu 2010
Weiyu Xu
Advisor: Babak Hassibi
Thesis: Compressive Sensing for Sparse Approximations: Constructions, Algorithms, and Analysis.
Aydin Babakhani 2009
Aydin Babakhani
Advisor: Ali Hajimiri
Thesis: Near-Field Direct Antenna Modulation (NFDAM) for on-chip mm-wave transceivers
Borching Su 2008
Borching Su
Advisor: P.P. Vaidyanathan
Thesis: Blind Channel Estimation Using Redundant Precoding: New Algorithms, Analysis, and Theory
Ao Kevin Tang 2007
Ao Kevin Tang
Advisor: Steven Low
Thesis: Heterogeneous Congestion Control Protocols
Masoud Sharif 2006
Masoud Sharif
Advisor: Babak Hassibi
Thesis: Broadband Wireless Broadcast Channels: Throughput, Performance, and PAPR Reduction
Deniz Armani 2005
Deniz Armani
Advisor: Kerry Vahala
Thesis: Ultra-High-Q Planar Microcavities and Applications
Andre Tkacenko 2004
Andre Tkacenko
Advisor: P.P. Vaidyanathan
Thesis: Optimization Algorithms for Realizable Signal-Adapted Filter Banks
Marc Riedel 2004
Marc Riedel
Advisor: Jehoshua (Shuki) Bruck
Thesis: Cyclic Combinational Circuits
Shayan Mookherjea 2003
Shayan Mookherjea
Advisor: Amnon Yariv
Thesis: Coupled-resonator Optical Waveguides and Multiplexed Solitons
Massimo Franceschetti 2003
Massimo Franceschetti
Advisor: Jehoshua (Shuki) Bruck
Thesis: Wireless Networks, from Collective Behavior to the Physics of Propagation
Donhee Ham 2002
Donhee Ham
Advisor: Ali Hajimiri
Thesis: Statistical Electronics: Noise Processes in Integrated Communication Systems
Srinivas Mandayam Aji 2001
Srinivas Mandayam Aji
Advisor: Robert McEliece
Thesis: Graphical Models and Iterative Decoding
Ali Adibi 2000
Ali Adibi
Advisor: Demetri Psaltis
Thesis: Persistent Holographic Storage in Photorefractive Crystals
Mohamed-Slim Alouini 1999
Mohamed-Slim Alouini
Advisor: Andrea Goldsmith
Thesis: Adaptive and Diversity Techniques for Wireless Digital Communications Over Fading Channels
Malik Magdon-Ismail 1998
Malik Magdon-Ismail
Advisor: Yaser Abu-Mostafa
Thesis: Supervised Learning in Probabilistic Environments
See-May Phoong 1997
See-May Phoong
Advisor: P.P. Vaidyanathan
Thesis: Time-Varying and Finite Field Filter Banks
Fernando Paganini Herrera 1996
Fernando Paganini Herrera
Advisor: John Doyle
Thesis: Sets and Constraints in the Analysis of Uncertain Systems
Sidney Li Hsin-Yu 1995
Sidney Li Hsin-Yu
Advisor: Demetri Psaltis
Thesis: Photorefractive 3-D Disks for Optical Data Storage and Artificial Neural Networks
Enrico Santi 1994
Enrico Santi
Advisor: Slobodan Cuk
Thesis: Magnetics and Control in Power Electronics: I. Modeling of Coupled Inductors. II. One-Cycle Control of Switching Converters.
Tsuhan Chen 1993
Tsuhan Chen
Advisor: P.P. Vaidyanathan
Thesis: Multidimensional Multirate Filters and Filter Banks: Theory, Design, and Implementation
Ian Andrew Galton 1992
Ian Andrew Galton
Advisor: Edward C. Posner
Thesis: An Analysis of Quantization Noise in Delta-Sigma Modulation and Its Application to Parallel Delta-Sigma Modulation