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1913 - Royal Sorensen's electrical engineering lab in Throop Hall

1914 - Students in the Electrical Testing Laboratory


1978 - This is "KCAL", the underground radio station operated out of a closet in Page House. The radio equipment was all built from scratch by Barry Megdal and Steve Klein. Pictured is Clement Tam. Probably 1978.

--Walter Bright, BS '79

1978 - This is Ralph Pursiful, working on his EE 91 lab project. I believe it is 1978, and the lab is in the subbasement of the Steele building.

I do not remember the fellow's name in the second picture, but it was taken at the same time in the same place. I'm pretty sure he was in Page House. It's also an EE 91 lab project.

--Walter Bright, BS '79


1980 - Marvin Goldberger speaking at Electrical Engineering Symposium

1985 - Professor Feynman and Caltech Electrical Engineering Graduate Students

Standing Left to Right are: Ken Hsu (MS EE 85, PhD EE 1989), Nabeel Riza (MS EE 85, PhD EE 1989), Tadashi Yoshida (MS EE 1986), Prof. Feynman, Hee Han (MS EE 1985), Ian Standley (MS EE 1985), and Richard Brandwein (MS EE 1985).

Photograph shows Caltech Electrical Engineering (EE) graduate students in the "Potential and Limits of Computation" class taught by Professor Richard Feynman. Prof. Feynman taught this one quarter class briefly during the 1984 to 1986 time frame and many first year EE graduate students enrolled in this exciting and informative class on computing.

1987 - President Everhart and students at Freshman Camp on Catalina Island


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